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Is your web site mobile friendly?

young asian couple playing with cellphone in coffee shopDid you know up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device (CIODive, 2018)? 61% of U.S. email opens also occurred on mobile, 15% on desktop and 24% in a webmail client (Adestra, 2017).

What percentage of traffic to your web site is mobile? If you don’t know you need to check your Analytics! There are lots of good analytic software, the standard being Google Analytics. Not only can you see what percentage of your visitors are on mobile, you can literally watch a recording of them using your web site, as well as “heat maps” which show how users use your web site overall (I recommend Hot Jar or Lucky Orange).

But how do you test your web site on mobile? You only have one phone. You can use a mobile testing tool to test your site in a variety of mobile operating systems. Try Browser Stack for your testing needs.

Once you’ve figured out how your web site is being used, you can go ahead and develop a dynamic web site that works well for all of your web site visitors!

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